Design Your Business

We’ll help you design around the right tools and systems

Design your Schedule

The Remote Agency Model – always on, work when you want

Design your lifestyle

None of this matters unless it makes sense in your life

Design your future

Finally take control of your financial future.


We “Build” Recruiters Who Build and Grow Profitable Remote Recruiting Businesses

Recruiter Factory is a coaching platform that helps people launch and build profitable, remote or home-based, virtual recruiting businesses.

These profitable businesses are designed to create a desirable work-life balance and ultimately help you design the life you choose! 


Building Your Business From the Ground Up

“Building Recruiters” means building systems, building processes, and building YOU
within a simple, elegant design that maximizes efficiency, productivity and profitability.

TEaching Systems

Systems are the backbone of any business. We’ll teach you effective systems that will drive your business growth.

TEaching Processes

Installing automated processes will allow your systems to run seamlessly in the background 24×7

TEaching Simple

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Powerful automation allows you to bring simple personalization

TEaching you

Managing yourself is job #1. Knowing what to do is one thing, “Self-Mastery” is the differentiator. We teach it!

We Teach the Business of YOU!

Learning the mechanics of the business is simple, we focus on showing you the secret to making it work for YOU!

Know What to Do

We’ll show you exactly WHAT to do. We’ll provide an agency blueprint that outlines the steps

KNow How to do it

We’ll show you exactly HOW to do it. Our marketing and contract info packets provide directions

HAve the tools to do it

We’ll provide an outline for the recommended tech stack to give you the tools you need

Self Mastery Success

Beyond “what to do” and “how to do it”, we teach you the “secret of the top 2%” that ensures success!

Recruiter Testimonials

For 20 years, John Beresford has trained recruiters to maximize their potential and earn significant 6-figure incomes. What others say about working with John…

“John is a charismatic leader with the innate ability to motivate, inspire and develop a successful recruiting team.

In the many years I was fortunate enough to work under John, his mentorship, direction and strong business acumen enabled me to grow my income exponentially and constantly into 6-figures”

Donna L.

Professional Recruiter

“I had the pleasure of working with John for about 5 years. John was an AMAZING mentor. He is motivational, nurturing, creative, inspiring, knowledgeable, supportive, guiding and passionate. He always knew how to motivate us to be the best we could be. John has a way with words and would always give the best motivational speeches. He is a truly effective leader, he lead by example. He showed us how to extend and push for greatness. He saw everyone’s potential and encouraged and inspired everyone around him. Anyone that has the pleasure to work with him will not be disappointed and one of the best parts is he does all of this and still has a great sense of humor to make it fun for everyone.”

Jennifer R.

Healthcare Recruiter

“John is the true definition of what a leader is supposed to be. I had the pleasure of working in the trenches under John for 10 years and had the opportunity to learn and grow under his supervision. His passion and care for not only the industry but the folks that he mentored made him a true leader and inspiration. His real joy came from watching the success of others and seeing those he taught grow and surpass their goals. John would push me out of my comfort zone so that I could reach maximum potential by raising the bar to obtain ultimate success. John was a true pleasure and someone that has earned the respect of many who worked under him, he is the type of leader you want and someone who truly cares about your success. I highly recommend, and challenge anyone who has the opportunity to work with John, take that chance and be prepared to grow!”

Ryan R.

Professional Recruiter

“Mr. Beresford was my first real encounter with a transformational leader. Not only does he possess all of the traits of a transformational leader, but then some. John is incredibly charismatic and always brings out the best in his people. You will see that many of John’s posts are about people in the workplace; this is because he truly understands that employees make or break an organization. Mr. Beresford is highly intelligent and a prototype for what a modern EVP or CEO looks like. It was an absolute pleasure working with him!”

Raymond S.

Recruiter/ Account Manager

“John is without a doubt a great leader and full of life! I started with no car, walking to work, then I got a long board, and eventually a bike, then my own truck and car! I seriously could not have done without the years of wisdom and just pure awesomeness that John has, he challenged me and urged me to make more money. John puts a lot of positivity out there in the world, and he definitely gets it back. His training and leadership is truly the best. Great encourager, great teacher, great leader. I would recommend John without a doubt”

recruiter Fred
Fred T.

Staffer / Recruiter

“John Beresford was my Boss in a Recruiting Business Development position for approximately 4 years.

I have had a number of supervisors and bosses in my time, and by far John was the best! I learned more from him than any other. Valuable lessons for the everyday job as well as for life.

Thank you for being you!”

Leslie B.

Business Development Recruiter

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