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I am an expert at failing. I’ve done it so much, more than most, and continue to. I have also had my successes, the definition of which is very differently personal to each of us. Though, through “pattern recognition”, I have found that success always emanates from a particular “framework” – a set of mental conditions created that construct an environment that fosters and allows successes to spring forth. No matter what we are building or creating, these must be present before any success can be realized.

So here is my 5-part framework for success.

These 5 items on their own might seem like obvious, mere platitudes. But I am going to attach one of my favorite quotes along with an explanation to each element for the purpose of context. I suppose it is no wonder that these are also my favorite quotes, as they’ve always resonated for me in this most important way. Here they are…

The 5-Part Framework for Success

 1. Never Stop

 2. Ignore Fear

 3. Fail, Learn & Course Correct

 4. Simplify

 5. Keep Boldly Moving Forward

So let’s unpack this…

Step 1

Never stop

“Men do not fail, they just give up easily” ~ Elihu Root

Failure is the moat that protects the castle of success, lest everybody would enter, and by definition it would not then be success! Most people simply stop when they first see the moat. The moat has done it’s job, protecting success for the worthy souls that endure.

But failure IS the path, there is no other, and you have to get through it to succeed, like a maze. Most get to the first obstacle, fail, and incorrectly think, “Oh, this doesn’t work!” – and then quit.

No, it worked just as it was supposed to. You just have to keep going!

Step 2

Ignore fear

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure” ~ Mark Twain

This sounds frivolous, but it is not! This quote is stating that it is important to become ignorant of fear! Becoming ignorant of fear is to shut off your awareness of your fear of failure, of all the pitfalls you are navigating through. Sure, they are all there, but focusing on them will only drain your energy and confidence.

At any point in the journey you can CHOOSE where to place your attention. Always choose to ignore your fears and instead become confident by focusing on the desired outcome, or prize.

Step 3

Fail, Learn & Course Correct

“Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” ~ Henry Ford

You need to have a spirit of acceptance of the available lessons from every setback. You win or you learn, both are acceptable outcomes; giving up is not.

The key is every time we hit a roadblock, accept it, be thankful for it, and ask yourself what did I just prove? What did I just learn about this process and this path I am on?

And then start again.

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment”~ Henry David Thoreau (that was a bonus quote)

Step 4


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

I love this quote! The “ultimate sophistication” is that which has all unnecessary elements or steps stripped away, leaving only the essential. Our focus should always be placed upon the essential to maximize our opportunities for success. “The essential” is honed and revealed through the above process of “fail, learn & course correct”.

Simplicity then diminishes our likelihood of falling into “paralysis through analysis”.

Step 5

Keep Boldly Moving Forward

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” ~ Basil King

Fortune favors the BOLD. Why? Because success only comes at the end of a long process of Boldly Moving Forward, when all apparent evidence points only toward failure and demise. That takes courage and when that boldness finally pays off, it will seem as though magical mighty forces have come to your aid!

Now go get it…

Here’s to YOUR success!



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